Zhao Weina Helps Poor Students

Zhao Weina, the Hebei Regional Manager of Ma'anshan Xinli Wear resistant Materials Co., Ltd., is 36 years old and currently serves as the Chairman of Fanzhuang Village Women's Federation in Xin'an Town. She has been working in rural areas for more than 6 years. She cares about the people, is willing to contribute, and with a high sense of career and responsibility, leads the people to lift themselves out of poverty and become prosperous. She has made extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions, won praise from the leadership, and was highly praised by the people.

At the age of 22, Zhao Weina and her husband worked hard to start a business, worked hard, and explored new ideas. After several years of relentless pursuit in the business world, she became a well-known wealthy boss in the local area, solving the employment problem of some young people in the area. She led the people to embark on the path of entrepreneurship and wealth, becoming an outstanding talent in promoting rural economic development, and was known locally as a strong woman who can increase farmers' income.

Filial piety and respect for the elderly are traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Zhao Weina's source of wealth is in her heart. During holidays every year, she often invests thousands of yuan to hold charity activities for the elderly in the village. She personally makes dumplings with the villagers to help the whole village. I often visit empty nest elderly people in the village to buy them daily necessities, so that they can feel the warmth of society and the beauty of life! Zhao Weina is philanthropic and enthusiastic about charitable causes. She not only cares about empty nest elderly people, but also constantly thinks about the vulnerable groups in society, such as disabled people and impoverished students, which have become a part of her life. A monthly subsidy of 500 yuan was given to impoverished students until they graduated from university, fulfilling their college dreams. Such a feat has not been successful. In recent years, Zhao Weina's charitable donations have accumulated to over 100000 yuan. With love and action, Zhao Weina embodies the traditional virtues of respecting the elderly and caring for the children. Her kind behavior has become a popular story in the local area, and her charitable actions have received praise from all sectors of society and enthusiastic praise from the local people.


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